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RMC Moreton Bay Getaway 2023 Friday 11th August - Sunday 13th Aug 2023


This is our local event we had to postpone from the 21st July, 23.
New dates: Friday 11th Aug till Sunday 13th Aug.

We are planning a RMC local trip, with possibilities including exploring Peel Island, Myora, or possibly the Tangalooma Wrecks.

Departure will be as a group from the top of Sovereign Islands, with others joining us in Moreton Bay who reside further north.

Departure time: Approx 9 or 10am, depending on the tides.

Of course, as always, our experiences are determined a lot by the weather, and this is also true for this local trip up to Moreton Bay. 

Peel Island, with its tranquil waters and historical sites, offers a serene and relaxing atmosphere, and we may anchor here on Friday night.

In addition to enjoying the anchorages, there is also the possibility of taking tenders over for afternoon drinks at the Little Ship Club, OR we may enjoy dinner at the Straddie Brewing Co.

We’ll inspect and plan further as we know numbers and the weather reveals itself.

At this juncture, we have received expressions of interest from approximately three vessels, which are eager to participate, alongside our RMC Crew vessel.

Please note that for our planned experiences to proceed, it is necessary to secure commitments from a minimum of five Riviera owner vessels.

If you would like to attend please register.

Thanks everybody

It's alive!


Local RMC Getaway 2023
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