Non-accredited information session centred around boating

First responder & first aid info session 7th Sept 2023 - 5.30pm

  • Likely to be around a 1hr session
  • An information session to 1st responder training
  • Centred around marine and boating
  • Learn essential skills such as CPR, controlling bleeding, and managing water-related emergencies.
  • Develop confidence and the ability to respond effectively to emergencies that may occur during boating and marine activities.
  • Learn about what you should have onboard to be properly prepared for an emergency situation
  • Free Session


It's alive!

Learn about defibrillators and why you should have one on board.

We are thrilled to invite you to an important First Aid Information Session focused on boating and marine activities. This is a free non-accredited session instructed by Scott Whimpey, the owner/director of First Aid Accident and Emergency.

With his expertise in first responder training specifically tailored to boats and the marine environment, this session promises to be highly informative and beneficial.

Join us on the 10th of August, 2023, at our R Marine Crawley headquarters in Runaway Bay as Scott Whimpey shares his specialized knowledge to effectively respond to emergencies on the water.

Enhance your preparedness, and develop safety awareness specific to boating environments under the guidance of an expert in the field. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to learn from a trusted professional. We look forward to your presence! Register below.

Learn about first aid kits and what you should have onboard.


First Aid
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