RMC Service Centre: 3 years of growth building relationships.

This month marks three years of successful growth & building relationships for RMC Service Centre, Runaway Bay.

Workshop & Showroom advances, as well as increased staffing, continue to help new and repeat customers with everything from annual servicing to new Permateek decking.

Tracey 34 Open Flybridge

We called Tracey who is the new owner of a RMC Pre-Owned Rivera 34 Flybridge and heard what she had to say about Rivera, her Luxury Yacht Broker and the team from RMC Service Centre.

Why John prefers to sell through RMC

We caught up with John who was kind enough to give us some great feedback about his boat sales through RMC. The recently sold 2007 Oram 1700 and last year a beautifully presented 1986 Riviera 52 Passagemaker.

John & Heather are two owners who certainly take pride in the presentation of the vessels they list with us. They enjoy the buying and selling experience of the more unique vessels & models.

Zoom meeting


How to Zoom. This is a guide on how to install the Zoom App. We need you to have the Zoom app on your phone or computer because the Pre-trip catch up will be online.

RMC Whitsunday Migration

RMC Whitsunday Migration 2020

For this trip, we are going to slow it down as we navigate our way north. We’re keeping it casual with beach BBQ’s, good boating and great people.


Permateek Tables

RMC Service are now producing Permateek tables for vessels. Now, not only can we revive your deck with this great product, we can build your new cockpit entertaining table.


Thanks for joining us.

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