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Why John prefers to sell through RMC

We caught up with John who was kind enough to give us some great feedback about his boat sales through RMC. The recently sold 2007 Oram 1700 and last year a beautifully presented 1986 Riviera 52 Passagemaker. John & Heather are two owners who certainly take pride in the presentation of the vessels they list with us. They enjoy the buying and selling experience of the more unique vessels & models.

On the sale of the recently sold 2007 Oram 1700  …

” The sale went very well. Everyone did a great job. From a marketing perspective in particular, the pictures that went up were head and shoulders above other places we had the boat listed. The pictures were amazing compared to other brokers. The description, details and what Michael (Michael Donnan) wrote about the boat was great and he gathered a lot of knowledge about the boat by spending the time onboard and going over it. 

On other listings you have had through R Marine Crawley  …

” Well, as you know it’s the second boat we’ve sold through you guys and we’ve also bought one through you guys, so we’re getting few up on the board there, haha. The sales process was also easy for the Riviera 52 Passagemaker sold which was called, ‘Summerwind’ and again, was beautifully marketed. 

The Oram was obviously a little bit harder with a one off boat like that but it was reassuring to be with RMC and once we found the right price point it sold very quickly and the buyers came out to grab it. “

Thanks for the terrific feedback! Is there anything else to add John?   …

” The sales process was great, bringing the clients over to inspect the boat in your wonderful Zodiac Rib was a very impressive start for someone looking over and inspecting a boat and RMC did a lot more compared to other brokers and what they are offering their clients. All in all, I’d highly recommend R Marine Crawley to anyone thinking of selling their boat. 

The 2007 Oram 1700

The 1986 Riviera 52 Passagemaker

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