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Tracey 34 Open Flybridge

We called Tracey who is the new owner of a RMC Pre-Owned Rivera 34 Flybridge and heard what she had to say about Rivera, her Luxury Yacht Broker and the team from RMC Service Centre.

Why did you end up choosing Riviera?  …

” Riviera was always our first choice. We have some friends in WA who have one and are always talking about it and so they recommended we look at Rivera as a priority. They just feel like they are built for our conditions here in Australia. 

How do you plan on enjoying your Flybridge?   …

” We’re keeping her in Mooloolaba for the next few months then we’re going to head north. At this point in time as we won’t be travelling overseas we thought we’d appreciate what we have here in Australia with our boat and I can tell you…we’re not campers. haha.  “

On the service you received from R Marine Crawley?   …

” Well, I can tell you that before we bought this boat we had an offer in on a boat in Adelaide. The broker we had in Adelaide was no where near as patient or as good as Greg Stroud. As far as we’re concerned, he is the main man. He was awesome. He knew so much about the boat and he was very patient when explaining everything. Since buying the boat he has called us numerous times to check up and make sure everything was going well with the boat. “

Fantastic Tracey, thank you for that and do you have anything to add about the boat or the handover?   …

” Dealing with the team from RMC was just easy. The boat has absolutely everything we we need that was within our budget besides a second berth. 

While we were in the marina the service team were around us the entire time and did some service work to our tender. They actually completed a few jobs which were not even on our list and we were impressed. Everything was just really top notch. ” 

2002 Riviera 34 Flybridge

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