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Brett and his young family find their new Riviera

We spoke with Brett about his new 5000 Sport Yacht and why he sought out the aspirational Riviera hallmark for his young family.
Riviera 5000 Sport Yacht

On the Riviera 5000 Sport Yacht  …

” We’d been away from boating for a few years and so began looking at boats again probably about 12 months ago just before we had our first child. Originally we were looking for a flybridge, but upon speaking with a few people realised with a young family it would be better to seek out a sports yacht. So, we met Mick (Michael Donnan) around that time and originally looked at a 4400, then a 4700 and then phoned Mick about the 5000. We were impressed with the layout of the 5000, so we fell in love with that. I brought my wife down on my birthday and did the deal. We’re really happy. 

On what you’d like to experience with your family on your new Riviera  …

” My wife is brand new to boating and we’ve got a 9mth old boy so the idea is to get them comfortable on it. We have used the boat quite often already around the Gold Coast Broadwater, in fact, 4 out of the 5 weekends we’ve had her. We are going on your RMC trip travelling north which starts in September and then basically after that we’ll be confident to start exploring ourselves. We’re excited for the Whitsundays and experience all that’s on offer up there. All in all, we’re getting acclimatised to it all and thoroughly enjoying the boat already. “

On the Riviera hallmark   …

” The Riviera brand has always been prominent in my mind. I had a mate from school and his parents had a Riviera Flybridge for years and couldn’t speak more highly of it, I guess it’s a bit of an aspirational brand. It’s been a bit of a dream of mine really… you know, growing up an owning a Riviera. It’s an amazing build really. 

I was looking at all sorts of boats in that size range so when talking to people and doing my own research it was easy to recognise they hold their value really well. Obviously being Australian made, parts and everything are easily accessible. 

In my opinion, having a boat, you are always going to want to sell it at some point and from what I can tell they do sell quite easily. We definitely want to keep going and upgrade so that was a big part, you don’t want to get stuck with something you can’t sell again.  “

On the RMC customer experience and RMC Service Centre  …

” Everything has been amazing, really good. Mick was fantastic. Not pushy at all, I’ve got my own business and we’ve got plenty of sales staff and if they were all like him it would be great. He made us feel really comfortable. 

I bought a mate along who is very experienced and works within the marine industry and he thought the same too. Charles and the guys at the service centre were fantastic as well, he organised a few bits and pieces for us. We’ll be keeping the boat with those guys and have all the annuals and maintenance done through them. I think it’s a no brainer really the ease of it and the history they have of the boat. “

To Brett and family, 

On behalf of R Marine Crawley. Thank you for your time. We are really happy that you found your new Riviera through our dealership and welcome you to our family. We’re excited to have you on our Whitsunday Migration Experience 2020 and wish your family happy and safe adventures on the water, far and wide.

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