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Another happy family with a new Riviera 37

Congratulations & safe, happy boating to Luke, Kylie & the family.
We called up the new owners of a 2004 Riviera Open Flybridge and wished them happy boating adventures on their new family boat. 

On the purchase and handover of the new vessel …

“…From R Marine Crawley itself, everyone helped out and was on the ball. They were happy to do everything we asked during our enquiries and inspections. I couldn’t rave highly enough about everyone especially Ben Leigh-Smith. He really went over and above I reckon as the salesperson….even the people in the office who prepared and explained all the paperwork to us.”

On the Boat itself …

“We brought it home which was a relaxing 3hr cruise from Runaway Bay Marina on the Gold Coast to Scarborough, QLD, and it was awesome. This weekend will be our first overnight experience on her and the family are all really excited. It’s what we’ve always wanted. It’s a really good layout and is big enough for a couple of families.”

On the experiences Luke and the family are looking for …

“We’re able to keep the 37 on the pontoon at our residence so she’ll get a good amount of use. We’ll be using it as a family/fishing boat and we’re regulars at the Morton Bay wrecks. The kids are very excited about their first sleepover.”

On Luke’s ultimate Riviera…

This is the largest boat we’ve had and our first Riv but I always say, buying a boat is like a tattoo, .. you get one and then you always want another one. We’ve started at Riviera with a 37 but a couple of years down the track and I’ll probably be looking to upgrade or expand into a bigger one. “

Congratulations and happy boating to Luke, Kylie & the family from the team at RMC.

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