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A new Riviera 3000 for Col & Karen Elliott

Comedian and Aussie legend Col Elliott was one of our special clients in the month of June 2020 when he and his wife Karen purchased a Riviera 3000 Sports Cruiser from our pre-owned listings.
SidetrackedII Riviera Boat

On the purchase and handover of the new vessel …

“…I’ve gotta say the guys down there are just sensational. They did everything I asked for, they couldn’t do enough for me and I think this could be the fact that I’m a standup comic and they didn’t want to end up in one of my routines, hahaha, but I don’t think so…..but seriously, a great team down there at Crawley’s. I was really happy with the presentation of the boat, the handing over, all the bits and pieces they did on it and I’ll certainly recommend the company to anybody else.”

On the Boat itself …

“I’m using the boat all the time, I’m out there all the time. We’ll be using it around the broadwater staying overnight on anchor and back and forth between Couran Cove. When it warms up again, we’ll take some more extended trips a little further north. So, yeah I enjoy every time I use it. It’s a shaft drive diesel and handles very well.”

Congratulations Col & Karen Elliott on their new Riviera 3000 Offshore. ⁠We’re really happy to have been able to find and provide you with this great vessel which we’re sure you’ll have many fantastic moments on together and with friends. ⁠⠀
As Col said, “We both got bored through isolation so we got ‘Sidetracked’ and bought a boat” :-)⁠⠀
Enjoy and have fun guys!⁠⠀
The RMC Team @ R Marine Crawley

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